School History

circa 1947

Since its beginning in 1923, St. Agnes Parish has seen a world of change, both physically and spiritually. Just as our members and buildings have grown, so too has our devotion and commitment to worship. Early parishioners enjoyed worship and fellowship at the first St. Agnes Church on 47th Street, between Booth and Adams Streets. A grade school occupied the first floor, with the church in the basement

In 1942, a rapidly growing population of Kansas City, particularly in Johnson County, signaled the need for a larger church and school. Three family members of the parish, Isabelle and Margaret Roe and Ellen Roe Bryant, donated five acres of land at 53rd Street and Mission Road to the parish. The land formed the intersection of three communities – Fairway, Roeland Park and Westwood.

Builders laid the cornerstone of the new St. Agnes Church on April 25, 1942. Despite delays caused by World War II, the church was solemnly dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, November 25, 1943. The total cost to build and furnish the church was $85,000.

To complete the St. Agnes complex, a convent was built west of the church in 1948, followed by the rectory built adjacent to the church in 1952. The following year, St. Agnes School was dedicated on five acres of land at 51st Street and Mission Road. Catherine Roe, another member of the generous Roe family, donated the property.

As St. Agnes Parish continued to grow, an addition was made to the grade school. Dedicated on August 27, 1961, it contained a library, twelve classrooms, a meeting hall and a chapel that seated 425 people. The meeting hall was named Condon Hall in memory of Father Authur Condon, a retired priest who had been of much assistance and guidance to the parish.

Since that time, St. Agnes has made continuous improvements and additions. To provide space for the many spiritual and social activities taking place in the parish, the “garden floor” of the church was extensively remodeled. The new Parish Center was dedicated on January 7, 1979. A Brides’ room in the back of the Parish Center and a stairway to the main floor of the church were completed in 1983. Another addition was the Perpetual Adoration Chapel, completed in 1990, providing a beautiful setting for 24-hour worship and prayer.

Under the direction of the Fr. Pat Sullivan, Pastor, and many people who volunteer their time and talents, the church continues to grow and flourish. Currently, more than 1,300 families call St. Agnes home. We count our blessings for the many among us who give of their time, talent and treasure to make St. Agnes a happy, thriving and faithful Catholic community.