St. Agnes girls in 5th through 8th grade have the opportunity to join the Femineers® Program. This program was started by Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering in 2013 to inspire young girls to pursue STEM careers. It engages students in project-based learning and real-world applications. In year one, students use the Creative Robotics curriculum and learn about motors, sensors, and wiring and code using Hummingbird and Scratch. Year two, the girls use the Wearable Technology curriculum to learn about circuitry and programming in C using Arduino. 

  • Two teachers attended training at Cal Poly Tech to start the Femineers® Program for girls. 
  • Twenty, fourth through sixth-grade girls signed up to participate in this five-month program: Creative Robotics. 

Femineers is a three-year program including Creative Robotics, Wearable Technology, and Pi Robotics.