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Written by hansen.darin

School Nutrition Program for School Year 2022-2023

Dear Families,
Please note that Congress did not extend federal school meal waivers and school meals will no longer be available to students free of charge effective at the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

St. Agnes has developed a meal plan that provides a well-balanced, nutritional hot lunch program with an unlimited fruit and vegetable bar (per visit) for students and staff, which follow the St. Agnes Wellness Policy & USDA guidelines. The Rams Café will provide the variety students want & the nutrition kids need with all the familiar tastes that keep kids saying, “Yes!” to school meals.

Lunch, $3.95 – A variety of lunch entrees – hot and cold options – will be offered each day for lunch, plus side dishes. To make a meal; a student will choose a full portion of at least three of the five components and at least one component will be a 1⁄2 cup of fruit or vegetables.

Students will select their entrée and have the ability to select side dishes to include choices from the garden bar. We encourage students to select only the amount they will eat to keep food waste and costs down. Students have access to a condiment station & have the ability to choose a la cart items or “double” entrees.

The examples below are not all encompassing, nor are they served every day. Ala-Cart & Specialty Bar items & pricing will be made available after Labor Day.

  • Milk (.55 when purchased separately) Nonfat White & Chocolate available, daily
  • Water
  • Meat/meat alternative (chicken, beef, turkey, peanut butter, yogurt, cheese, etc.)
  • Numerous fruits and vegetables are offered each day with at least one fresh fruit or vegetable (variety of dark green, red/orange, beans (legumes), starchy, & other vegetables are offered throughout the week)
  • Students are allowed to select unlimited, (single trip) fruits and vegetables
  • Breads and/or grains (rice, barley, hamburger bun, pizza crust)
  • Age appropriate serving sizes are offered
  • Menus are analyzed for nutritional content and meet the guidelines for the age of the

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will school meals be free of charge for ALL students in school year (SY) 2022-23?
A: Congress did not extend school meal waivers and school meals will no longer be available to ALL students free of charge. Students will be charged for each meal they take at the beginning of SY 2022-2023.
Q: How can households apply for assistance for meals for SY 2022-23?
A: Households can apply for assistance for no cost meals. Contact the school
office for more information on how to meet the criteria & apply for assistance.
Q: Who determines the meal price for paid meals?
A: School Administration sets and approves student meal prices annually.
Q. Are meals allowed to be taken off campus during SY 2022-23?
A. No. All school meals must be consumed on the school campus during the 2022-23 school year (with the exception of field trips).
Q. What is the most popular menu choice?
A. The top two most popular items on our school lunch menu are Cheese Pizza & Chicken Patty Sandwich.

Please set up student meal accounts by visiting
All accounts must have a positive balance prior to the first day of meal service. Once you register, you’ll receive low balance & payment notifications messages

** Alternate Meals will be served when the “charge limit” exceeds $25.
(Once a negative balance of $25 is reached, then the next purchased lunch would consist of milk/water and a cheese sandwich until payment has been received).

**Menus are subject to change without notice due to supply chain issues. We continually strive to provide the best service and quality meals. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience the changes may cause.

Rams Café Staff:
Director of Nutritional Services: Rayna Andrew,
Café Manager: Angie Langford,
Prep & Service Tech(s): Briana Pace & Kaden Buckler
Dishwasher: Victor Moreno
On Call Substitute: Terri Oropeza