Everyone can support St. Agnes…grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, parish members and anyone interested in continuing the success of St. Agnes Catholic School.

Here are just a few ways to support the great work of St. Agnes Catholic School:

SCRIP:  SCRIP is preloaded gift cards from local and national retailers sold at a reduced cost to St. Agnes. Families purchase and redeem the gift cards at face value.  St. Agnes receives the discounted difference of the card.  The retailers give different percentages…the higher the percentage, the more money the school makes!  There are a variety of ways to ‘get’ SCRIP…click here for more information and to support St. Agnes.

Amazon Smile:  Are you an avid Amazon fan?  This is perfect for you!  Purchase through smile.amazon.com and a percentage of qualifying products and orders will be donated to St. Agnes.  You will need to purchase and order through smile.amazon.com in order to be eligible.  Prime Amazon members are also able to benefit St. Agnes by using Amazon Smile.  Click here for more information and to start supporting St. Agnes. (If you’re a Chrome browser user, click here for the extension)

Collect Labels:  St. Agnes collects all kinds of labels and rewards in order to be reimbursed and receive extra funding.  The labels that are collected and turned into school are Best Choice, Box Tops and Coke Rewards.  Just cut them from your food products and turn them into school periodically.  Click here for a list of Box Tops brands and eligible labels.  Coke Rewards can also be turned in from any Coke products including caps, packaging and other Coke items.

Fundraising Nights:  Each month, a local restaurant hosts a Fundraising Night for St. Agnes.  All participating restaurants donate back to St. Agnes a portion of the proceeds for the particular day/night.  Click here for more information and to support St. Agnes.

Hangers Cleaners:  Hangers Cleaners will contribute 10% of every dollar spent on dry cleaning services by St. Agnes supporters back to the school.  Click here for more information and to support St. Agnes.