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Visual Arts Education at St Agnes provides for Student Success in School, Work, and Life.

Arts education benefits both students and society, providing skills and knowledge in:

  • Deepening our understanding of God’s gifts to the world.
  • Developing our relationship with God and each other through creative expression.
  • Understanding human experiences, both past and present
  • Working collaboratively
  • Using innovation and creativity when making decisions
  • Applying critical thinking and problem solving when non-prescribed answers exist
  • Adapting to and respecting others’ diverse ways of thinking, working, and expressing themselves
  • Understanding the influence of the arts and their power to create and reflect cultures
  • Analyzing nonverbal communication for making informed judgments about products and issues
  • Communicating effectively

The spiritual and visual arts content are integrated in the K-8 visual art program involving four content areas: art history, art production, aesthetics, and art criticism. The visual arts are an opportunity to authentically bridge content and reinforce the interconnectedness between disciplines that is natural and meaningful. St. Agnes provides every child the opportunity to flourish through human expression in the visual arts.

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Julie Starosta
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Julie Starosta

Julie Starosta is the art teacher at St. Agnes. She received her bachelors from the...