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Resource and Support

Welcome to the Resource Room!

The St. Agnes Resource Department is structured to provide a Least Restrictive, Inclusive Catholic Education in compliance with the Archdiocese guidelines and policies to benefit students who have been identified through a medical or educational diagnosis or as needing additional accommodations and interventions to achieve on/or as close to grade level academically, emotionally, and socially or to continue learning extension through enrichment.

What is MTSS?

At St. Agnes, you may hear your child speak of WIN (What I Need) time.  This time is part of our MTSS which is our Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports, which is a continuum of evidence-based practices that support differentiated instruction. MTSS is broken down into 3 tiers:

1.)Tier I  (Green)is the core instruction provided by the classroom teacher. All students receive Tier 1 instruction from their classroom teachers. This includes the whole group differentiated lessons on new concepts and skills in the classroom.

2.) Tier 2 (Yellow) is when small group instruction planned and organized by classroom teachers to provide content-specific, standard specific interventions based upon the needs and academic levels of differentiated or leveled small groups takes place. Tier 2 instruction is implemented during “What I Need” (WIN) time of the school day.  Tier 2 time typically involves small-group instruction, often but not always led by an adult, that relies on evidence-based interventions to provide enrichment, reteach a new concept, provide additional practice of a previously taught skill, or provide interventions for skill deficits. For more information about how your student’s classroom teacher is differentiating for your student’s needs during WIN time, please feel free to contact your student’s classroom teacher. (Note: Yellow portion of the pyramid).

3.) Not all students receive Tier 3 (Red) instruction.  Typically, Tier 3 interventions are provided to about only 10% of a student population. Tier 3 instruction is for students who have been identified and agreed upon during a Student Improvement Team (the team of adults who work most closely with the student) through standardized test scores, progress monitoring, teacher and parent input, and observational data as needing structured, researched-based interventions to achieve on/or as close to grade level academically, emotionally, and socially or to continue learning extension through enrichment. Tier 3 instruction is led by the Resource Department staff in a small group or push in settings and entails more skill-specific, rigorous instructional practices than Tier 2 Instruction. Often students are pulled out from their classrooms at a time that works with the classroom’s schedule, but Tier 3 services can also be provided inside the grade-level classroom (pushed in) in certain scenarios.

For more information about the Resource Department, including information about the Resource Department’s role, “Who We Serve”, “ Multi-Tier Systems of Supports (MTSS)” , “Services We Provide”, our documentation process,  and “Parent/Guardian Rights” please review the Resource Department, Parent Manual at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for learning more about the Resource Team and feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions or would like more information!

Archdioceses of Kansas City in Kansas’ Perfect Wings Program:

The education of children with special needs in Catholic schools requires acceptance, belonging, and community with open hearts and open minds.

The Perfect Wings program was designed based on the on-going needs analysis of principals, teachers, and parents across the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.

Perfect Wings was designed to support schools in maximizing the God-given gifts and talents of all students enrolled in our school

Click here :Perfect Wings home page


About Embrace:

EMBRACE  (Enriching Many By Reaching All in Catholic Education) is an independent 501(c)3 organization started in 2016 to assist students with special needs in Catholic schools in the state of Kansas. This Association was conceived in 2005 by a group of dedicated, prayerful, and concerned parents of children with special needs, yearning for the opportunity for inclusion of their children in a Catholic school environment. EMBRACE’s goal is to support a learning environment within Catholic schools that embraces all learners, values every child and sees God’s Sacred Holiness in every unique individual.

Click here for : Embrace Webpage


Parent/Guardian Manual :

Resource Dep Parent Manual





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