Fine Arts – Physical Education

Fine Arts – Physical Education

Welcome to St. Agnes Rams Physical Education!

This year in P.E. we are focusing on our Archdiocese standards for Physical Education
to develop an overall physically literate student. Each grade will develop competency in motor
skills, physical learning concepts, active participation, physical fitness, personal and social
behavior, and activity appreciation. We are able to accomplish these standard goals through
seasonal sport activities, cooperative games, locomotor skills, manipulatives, individual and
partner challenges, FITNESSGRAM assessments, and other creative activities throughout the
We will also include The Leader in Me- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in all of
our P. E. classes by leading, demonstrating, influencing, sharing, praising, helping,
cooperating, encouraging, planning, laughing, listening, creating, and reflecting.                     


We do this by:
1. being proactive
2. beginning with the end in mind
3. putting first things first
4. thinking win-win
5. seeking first to understand and then to be understood
6. synergizing and
7. sharpening the saw!


I want our students to leave P.E. with an understanding and appreciation for all that
movement and fitness can do for the body, mind, spirit, and have fun while being their best!


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Fine Arts - Physical Education

Matt Allen

Matt Allen is a physical education teacher at St Agnes.   He received his...