Kindergarten at St. Agnes is a well-balanced, full-day program. The foundations for learning spirituality, academics and social skills are developed over the course of the year in preparation for a successful transition into first grade. Our academic-based kindergarten program stresses development of appropriate social interaction in the classroom and during play time.

In Kindergarten, each student will participate in learning all outcomes stated on our Archdiocese website. To view a list of all outcomes covered please click the following link:

Listed below is a very basic overview of some of the curriculum that will be covered by subject.


Bible stories including The Creation Story and Noah’s Ark

Angels are God’s messengers

Being a unique Child of God

Prayers: Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary, Our Father, Glory Be, and Angel of God



Recognize and name letter and letter sounds

Decode grade level material using ConsonantVowelConsonant (CVC) and sight words

Identify author and illustrator of a story

Identify main idea, characters, and setting with prompting and support

What I Need (WIN) groups



Identify multiple meaning words

Identify non-fiction, fiction, and poem texts

Writing: capitalize first word in a sentence and the pronoun “I,” recognize and name end punctuation, produce opinion pieces with prompting and support.

Learn and produce appropriate upper and lowercase letter formation



Numbers and number words 1-20

Composing and decomposing of numbers

Addition and Subtraction up to 10

2D and 3D shapes


WIN groups



Economics: Needs and Wants

Civics/Government: Communities

Geography: Me on the Map

History: State of Kansas



5 senses

Identify body parts

4 seasons and selecting appropriate dress for each

Observe and chart the weather

Identify plant parts

Identify various animal characteristics


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Rachel Brower

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Rebecca Duckers

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