6th Grade

6th grade introduces students to the middle school level. Lockers, switching classes, strengthening study skills, and self-advocating for learning is a big part of this grade level. Personal prayer and reflection also take off when we dive into what we believe as Catholics.

6th grade math focuses on:

  • connecting ratios and rates
  • a stronger understanding of fractions, rational numbers, and negative numbers
  • writing expressions and solving equations
  • basic understanding of statistical thinking

6th grade science focuses on:

  • life science: photosynthesis, energy flow to organisms, food webs, ecosystems
  • earth science: planet earth, water, natural materials

6th grade history focuses on:

  • Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome
  • Dynasties of China
  • Early African civilizations, early Americas

6th grade religion focuses on:

  • Old Testament stories of the Bible
  • Living out the Catholic faith in our daily lives

6th grade ELA focuses on:

  • grammar and writing
  • story mapping and narrative texts

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Josie Milligan and Jordan Lynch
6th grade teachers
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Jordan Lynch
6th Grade

Jordan Lynch

Jordan Lynch is a sixth-grade teacher at St. Agnes Catholic School. She is originally...
Josie Milligan
6th grade

Josie Milligan

Josie Milligan teaches sixth grade at St. Agnes. She graduated from Kansas State...