6th Grade

6th grade at St. Agnes has two self-contained classrooms with religion in the homeroom. The content subject areas of math, science, English language arts, and social studies are departmentalized within the grade level. Students are given the opportunity to grow in their faith and academic community through class Mass, service hours, Second Step, Leader in Me, innovation lab, and many more programs.

6th grade math focuses on:

  • connecting ratios and rates
  • a stronger understanding of fractions, rational numbers, and negative numbers
  • writing expressions and solving equations
  • basic understanding of statistical thinking

6th grade science focuses on:

  • life science: photosynthesis, energy flow to organisms, food webs, ecosystems
  • earth science: planet earth, water, natural materials

6th grade history focuses on:

  • Ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome
  • Dynasties of China
  • Early African civilizations, early Americas

6th grade religion focuses on:

  • Old Testament stories of the Bible
  • Living out the Catholic faith in our daily lives

6th grade ELA focuses on:

  • grammar and writing
  • story mapping and narrative texts

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Cara Johnson & Stephanie Gildemiester
6th grade teachers
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Luke Donahue
6 - 8 Religion

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6th Grade

Stephanie Gildemiester

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Middle School

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