“Play is the highest form of research.” -Albert Einstein

Preschool is a wonderful opportunity for children to discover their love for learning. Our 3 year old preschool gives this opportunity by exposing children to the Catholic Faith, the arts, math, science, language arts, and fine motor as well as large motor. All of this is in a positive and caring environment.

The developmentally appropriate centers challenge the children through play, while the Pre-academic curriculum prepares the child for the Pre-Kindergarten level.

Our goal is that your child will have a safe and secure place where they can grow socially and cognitively.


Curriculum for 3 years old Preschool

8-23 My little Monkeys-Classroom Theme

8-29 All about me/my Family/my school               Letter: A     Shape: Circle               Color: Red


Fall on the farm

9-5 Farm Animals                                                        Letter: B                     Shape: Square              Color: Blue

9-12 Farm Life                                                             Letter: CIMG_6277

9-19 Fall                                                                        Letter: D

9-26 Apples                                                                  Letter: E


I’m not afraid

10-3 Spider and Insects                                              Letter: F                      Shape: Triangle             Color: Orange

10-10 Pumpkins                                                           Letter: G

10-17 Bones

10-24 Bats

10-31 Halloween


Home for Thanksgiving

11-7 Family & Friends                                                   Letter: H                     Shape: Oval                 Color: Brown

11-14 Indians & Pilgrims                                              Letter: I

11-21 Thanksgiving


Tis the season

12-5 Winter                                                               Letter: J                      Shape: Star                  Color: Green

12-12 Holiday                                                            Letter: K

12-19 Christmas

1-4 Arctic Blast                                                            Letter: L                      Shape: Rectangle           Color: White

1-9 Camping                                                              Letter: M

1-17 Trains, Planes, Trucks                                             Letter: N

1-25 Around the worldIMG_6219


We love our …

2-6 Country                                                                 Letter: O                     Shape: Rhombus           Color: Pink

2-13 Valentine’s                                                          Letter: P

2- 20 Earth & Recycle                                               Letter: Q

2-27 Space                                                                   Letter: R


Spring Frolic

3-6 Leprechauns                                                          Letter: S                      Shape: Hexagon            Color: Yellow

3-21 For the Birds                                                        Letter: T

3-27 Spring


Things that keep us safe

4-3 Firefighters                                                             Letter: U                     Shape: Octagon            Color: Black

4-10 Police officers                                                       Letter: V

4-18 Community Helpers


Radical Reptiles

4-24 Snakes & Turtle                                                  Letter: W                     Shape: Pentagon           Color: Purple

5-1 Dinosaurs                                                              Letter: X


Fun with…

5-8 Moms                                                                  Letter: Y

5-15 Water                                                                Letter: Z

5-22 Summer





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