5th Grade – Reel

Specials Schedule:

Monday-Music and P.E.   Tuesday-Art and Library    Wednesday-Spanish    Thursday-Computer  Friday-Music and P.E. 

Spelling Test: Tuesday, May 15 (Last one!)

Reading Log – May 15

Simple Solutions: 65, 66, 67

Map Tests This Week!

Wednesday 5/9-5Reel-Noun test signed.

Tuesday 5/8-Social Studies-Battle info. due tomorrow

Monday 5/7-Spelling– Pre-test

Thursday 5/3-Archbishop rough draft note

Wednesday 5/2- Ela– Reading log, Noun test tomorrow, 2 Haikus written

Tuesday 5/1- ELA-Noun study guide, reading log

Monday 4/30-Ela-Spelling pretest due tomorrow, pg. 165, 167 for noun practice

Tuesday-4/24-Read for Reading log and Study Spelling words.

Monday:-4/23-Spelling Pre-test

Thursday 4/19-Study spelling words and read for reading log!

Wednesday 4/18-No written homework!  Study spelling words and read!

Tuesday 4/17- Reading/grammar/spelling-pg 331 and possessive noun wkst.

Monday 4/16-Reading/grammar/spelling-Pretest due tomorrow, Verb test signed and corrections made if necessary

Friday 4/13-Reading/grammar/spelling-Scholastic Reading log, Walrus and Carpenter illustration, Spelling test Monday, Social Studies-5 interesting facts, quiz signed and corrections made if necessary

Thursday 4/12-Reading/grammar/spelling- pg 319-320, Social studies-Foldable quiz tomorrow

Wednesday 4/11-Reading/grammar-verb test tomorrow, Spelling-syllable activity, Social Studies-Foldable quiz on Friday

Tuesday 4/10-Reading-Verb study guide, Social Studies-foldable quiz on Friday

Monday 4/9-Reading-Ronald the Painter Poetry 6 questions,  Spelling Pre-test, Verb study guide due Wed. Verb test on Thursday, Reading log with Scholastic due 4/16, Social Studies foldable quiz on Friday

Friday 4/6-Reading 2 limerick rough drafts, Social Studies-foldable quiz on Friday

Wednesday 4/4-Reading- Read 20 minutes for log, Spelling-pg. 295 Religion-Field trip forms due Friday

Tuesday 4/3- Reading- Read 20 minutes, progressive tense worksheet, spelling pre-test. Religion-Vocations Day slip and money

Tuesday 3/27-Reading-Text Structure Quiz tomorrow, Scholastic due tomorrow, work book pgs 289-290, Text Structure writing wkst. Social Studies-Visual Vocab due tomorrow Religion:  Good Friday and Holy Saturday final sentences on wheel, Easter 2 sentence rough draft

Monday 3/26- Reading-Text Structure wkst-due tomorrow, Scholastic with text Structure due Wed. Social Studies-10 vocab definitions,  French/Indian War quick check quiz tomorrow Religion:  Holy Thursday Final, Good Friday and Holy Saturday rough draft due tomorrow

Friday 3/23- -Reading-Text Structure quiz on Thursday, Religion-Final Palm Sunday, Rough draft Holy Thursday due Monday,

Thursday 3/22-Reading/Grammar-Perfect Tense Worksheet, Spelling Pg. 284, Religion:  Final Draft Holy Week final, Palm Sunday rough draft.

Wednesday 3/21-Reading/Grammar-Subject-Verb agreement wkst, Social Studies-French Indian War worksheet

Tuesday 3/20-Reading/Grammar-Simple verb tense worksheet, Spelling-Pre-test due tomorrow, Religion-2 sentence summary for Holy Week, 4th quarter reward contract signed

Wednesday 3/7-Reading-Novel test tomorrow!

Tuesday 3/6-Reading– Log with activity due Friday, Story Element worksheet, Novel Test Thursday Spelling pg. 273, Spelling test Friday

Monday 3/5-Reading-Log with activity due Friday, Finish novel, be ready for a quick check quiz, quiz signed. Spelling test Friday

Friday 3/2-Reading-log due Monday, Social Studies-Complete wkst on slavery in the colonies

Thursday  3/1-Reading-Chapter 19 questions from Novel, read the chapter first!, Spelling test tomorrow, Social Studies- Thought bubble worksheet from the perspective of a captive on the ship

Wednesday 2/28 Reading- One thought bubble for Attean, Vocab quiz tomorrow, Spelling test Friday

Tuesday 2/27-Reading- Vocab quiz on Thursday, Spelling pg. 262

Monday 2/26-Reading-Read chapter 17, answer questions, Vocab quiz-on Thursday

Friday 2/23-Reading-Read chapters 13 and 14 in Novel, complete wkst.  Vocab quiz next Thursday over chapters 10-16, Social Studies-Test Signed

Wednesday 2/14- Reading log due Tuesday!

Tuesday 2/13-Social Studies Test Tomorrow!!!!!!Reading Log due Tues.

Monday 2/12- Reading Log due Tues. , Adverb worksheet, Social studies test Wed.

Friday 2/9-Reading log due Monday

Thursday 2/8 Reading log due Monday, Spelling test tomorrow

Wednesday 2/7-Reading -log due Monday, Finish reading chpt. 11 in novel, Grammar-adverb worksheet, Social Studies-finish reading Southern Colonies

Tuesday 2/6-Reading-log due Monday, Vocab Chpt. 11, quiz 6-9 signed, Writing-Dear Duncan first draft Social Studies-colonies test will be next Tues or Wed.

Monday 2/5-Reading-log due Monday, Vocab 10 wkst., spelling pre-test due tomorrow,  Social Studies-colonies test will be next Tues or Wed. Religion-have test signed

Friday 2/2-Reading-log due Monday, Vocab quiz over chpts. 6-9

Thursday 2/1- Reading-log due Monday,Attean quote card due tomorrow Spelling test tomorrow, Pg. 241/242 due tomorrow. Religion– Mystery test

Wednesday 1/31- Reading Log due Monday, Spelling sentences due tomorrow,Religion-Mystery test tomorrow

Tuesday  1/30-Reading-Connotation and Denotation Worksheet, Spelling sentences due Thursday Religion: Glorious Quiz signed- Final test Thursday., Movie permission slip returned by Thursday

Monday 1/29-Reading Log due Monday, Spelling-pre-test Social Studies-2 sided worksheet, Religion-Glorious mystery cards and quiz due tomorrow

Friday 1/26-Reading Log due Monday, Writing-Intro and body paragraphs

Thursday 1/25-Reading log due 1/29, Quizzes signed, Religion: First 2 glorious mystery cards, Glorious quiz next Tuesday, Final  Mystery Test on Thursday

Wednesday 1/24-Reading-log due 1/29,

Tuesday 1/23-Reading– log due 1/29, Interjection worksheet, Spelling pg. 215, Writing-Rough draft piece

Monday 1/22-Reading- Log due 1/29, figurative language 1/2 sheet, Chpt. 6 vocab predictions, Spelling-Pre-test due tomorrow Religion-Sorrowful mystery quiz tomorrow, cards due tomorrow

Friday 1/19-Reading-Log due 1/22,Vocab quiz on Monday, Concluding Sentence Worksheet, Spelling-Test Monday and 10 sentences due, Religion-Sorrowful Mysteries # 1,2,3 & 4 due Monday, Quiz on Tuesday Social Studies-Test signed

Thursday 1/18-Reading-Log due 1/22, Preposition Worksheet, Spelling-10-sentences due Monday, Read Chapter 4 in Sign of the Beaver, Religion-Luminous Mystery Quiz signed

Wednesday 1/17-Reading Log due 1/22, finish question writing worksheet, Spelling pre-test

Friday 1/12-Reading- Log due 1/16, Chpt.3/4 vocab sentence and illustration, Religion: Joyful quiz signed Social Studies test on Tues.

Wednesday 1/10-Reading- Log due 1/16, Chpt.3/4 vocab sheet due if not done in class, 10 Spelling sentences due Friday, Religion-Transfiguration card due tomorrow

Tuesday 1/9-ReadingLog due 1/16, Spelling page 193, Social Studies test Tuesday, Religion-Luminous Mystery quiz on Friday.

Monday 1/8-Reading-Log due 1/16, Adj. worksheet, Novel vocab wkst., spelling pre-test Religion-Proclamation card due tomorrow, Joyful Mystery quiz tomorrow

Friday 1/5-Reading-Friendship passage with theme worksheet, Writing-Topic sentence worksheet Social Studies-map/graph skills packet Religion– First 2 Luminous Mysteries cards

Thursday 1/4-Religion-2 mystery cards due tomorrow, Quiz over Joyful Mysteries on Tuesday.

Monday 12/18-Reading/Religion-(Both classes) 3 summary cards for the first 3 Joyful Mysteries- Picture-colored, Summary-cursive,

Friday 12/15- Social Studies-Pizarro Worksheet

Thursday 12/14-Reading/Grammar-Reading log due Wed.  10 spelling sentences due tomorrow

Wednesday 12/13-Reading/Grammar-Reading log, 10 spelling sentences due Fri.

Tuesday 12/12-Reading/Grammar-order adj. worksheet,Reading log, 10 spelling sentences due Fri.

Monday 12/11-Reading/ Grammar-Reading log, 10 spelling sentences due Fri.-Spelling pre-test

Tuesday 12/5- Reading/Grammar-Adj./ pronoun wkst., Religion-pg. 79

Monday 12/4-Reading/Grammar-Spelling pre-test due tomorrow, Social Studies test tomorrow

Friday 12/1-Reading/Grammar-Log and spelling test due Mon. Social Studies test on Tuesday.

Thursday 11/30-Reading/Grammar-Log and Simple Solutions, Spelling-pg. 172 Social Studies-Test Tues. over Chapter 5

Wednesday 11/29-Starbase-No Homework!

Tuesday 11/28-Reading/Grammar-Reading log due Monday, Social Studies-Chpt. 5 test on Tuesday, 10 vocab. visuals due tomorrow.

Monday 11/27-Reading/Grammar-Adj. wkst.   Spelling Pre-test due tomorrow, Writing:  Thanksgiving summary, Social Studies: Vocab visuals due Wednesday, Chapter 5 test next week.

Monday 11/20-Happy Thanksgiving ! No Homework!

Friday 11/17-Reading/Grammar- Reading log due and spelling test on Monday.

Thursday 11/16: Reading/Grammar- reading log due Mon, spelling test next Mon. Adjective worksheet 1-15 only. Social Studies- read pages 160-163 in textbook, vocabulary cards fill in the blanks due tomorrow. Finish your NA tribe map. Religion- finish coming up with the 5 things about yourself and 5 things around you that you are thankful for. Writing- Native American 5 paragraphs due tomorrow. Simple solutions and handwriting 

Wednesday 11/15: Reading/Grammar- reading log due Mon, spelling test next Mon. Figurative language scavenger hunt cards due tomorrow. Figurative Language test tomorrow!.

Tues. 11/14:Reading/Grammar- reading log due Monday, spelling test next Mon. Figurative Language scavenger hunt cards due Thursday. Figurative Language test will be Thurs. Grammar-pg. 145 Social Studies- work on NA report visuals due Wed.

Monday 11/13: Reading/Grammar- reading log due Monday, spelling week 10 pretest due tomorrow-test next Mon. Figurative Language scavenger hunt cards due Thursday. Figurative Language test will be Thurs. Social Studies- work on NA report visuals due Wed. Writing- their draft of the 1st focus paragraph due tomorrow.

Friday 11/10:  Reading/Grammar- reading log due Monday, Spelling test on Monday, Social Studies-Work on visual for Native American project-Due Wednesday.

Thursday 11/9: Reading/Grammar– reading log due Monday. Page 146 spelling assignment. Spelling test MONDAY! Social Studies- NA unit test signed and corrected if needed. writing- draft of second paragraph due tomorrow

Wednesday 11/8:Reading/Grammar-personification wkst. Social Studies- read pages 150-155 in textbook. Fill out outline for your explorer as you read in your notebooks–due Thurs.

Tuesday 11/7: Reading/Grammar- reading log due next Mon. Social Studies- read pages 150-155 in textbook. Fill out outline for your explorer as you read in your notebooks–due Thurs. Parent signature on NA report handout due Wed. Writing- rough draft of paragraph 1 for NA report due Thurs. STARBASE TOMORROW: WEAR SHIRT AND BRING SACK LUNCH

Monday 11/6: Reading/Grammar-reading log due next Mon. (11/13). Idiom? Hyperbole? Neither? worksheet. Spelling- Week 9 Spelling pretest due tomorrow. Social Studies- read text book pages 122-125. Writing- worked on first paragraph of NA written report

Wednesday 11/1: Reading/Grammar- reading log due Monday with illustration. Social studies- Native American unit test Monday (study past quizzes, foldable, notes, and vocab cards) NORTHWEST COAST TEST SIGNED

Tuesday 10/31: Reading/Grammar- reading log due. Monday with illustration. Social Studies- Take home quiz on NW. Coast, use your notebooks

Monday 10/30:  Reading/Grammar-Finishing speeches tomorrow Social Studies-Take home quiz on NW. Coast, use your notebooks

Friday 10/27: Reading/Grammar– Reading logs due Monday. Social Studies- Northwest Coat vocabulary cards with colored picturesWriting- finish “who was” poster (outline in marker, color in using colored pencil and crayon). Speeches memorized by Monday.

Thurs. 10/26: Reading/Grammar– Subordinating conjunction/ independent dependent clause worksheet (it’s only the one worksheet). Reading logs due Mon. Spelling test tomorrow. Social Studies- vocabulary worksheets on Northwest Coast Indians (pgs 76-81). PLAINS QUIZZES SIGNED. Writing- biography speeches memorized by Monday. Religion- hand prints with prayer for Father Bill finished.

handwriting and Simple solutions due tomorrow as well

Wed. 10/25: Reading/Grammar– Simile/ Metaphor worksheet. Reading Logs due Mon. Writing: edited our written “Who Was” speeches. If not finished, you may come in early in the morning or stay in at recess to finish. Outline of “Who Was” poster due tomorrow with color!

Tues. 10/24: Reading/Grammar-page 100 on subordinating conjunctions (added direction–circle subordinating conjunction in each sentence 1-10). Reading Log due Monday 10/30. Fact and Opinion worksheet. Social Studies- read pages 76-81 in textbook. Writing- if biography speeches have not been finished being typed, you can come in early or stay in during recess tomorrow to work. special notes: Spanish fiesta tomorrow and quiz. If you are in Hip Hop STREAM group, bring clothes tomorrow

Mon. 10/23:Reading/Grammar- Satchel Paige test parent signature due tomorrow. Reading Log due Mon. (Oct. 30) with summary hand and paragraph. Social Studies- Plains quiz tomorrow. Spelling- page 135

Thurs. 10/ 19: Reading/Grammar-Spelling pre-test due Monday, Ready to type draft of biography due Mon.  Reading Log due Mon. with facts and Opinions. Social Studies– Plains Quiz on Tues.

Wed. 10/18: Spelling- test tomorrow. Writing- biography drafts ready to type Monday. Grammar/Reading- reading log due Monday. Satchel Paige test tomorrow.

Mon. 10/16: Reading/Grammar- 
Vocab pg. 75, Biography outline due tomorrow
Tues. 10/17: Reading/Grammar-
 Conjunction Wkst., Reading log with Fact/Opinion due Monday, Writing: Rough draft of Who Was Speech due tomorrow, Spelling-pg. 124 Social Studies-Winter count brainstorm due tomorrow

Fri. 10/13: Reading/Grammar-Spelling Pre-test and Reading Log due Monday.

Thurs. 10/12: Reading/Grammar-Thunder Rose quiz signed, cause and effect wkst. , work on biography outline Social Studies-visuals on notecards due tomorrow

Wed. 10/11:  Reading/Grammar-work on biography outline if you need to correct, Social Studies-Vocab wkst.

Tues. 10/10-Reading/Grammar-Pg.113, pg 65-spelling and clause wkst.

Mon. 10/9-Reading/Grammar– Biography outline due Tues., Article wkst.  Social Studies and Helping Verb quiz signed.

Fri. 10/6-Reading/Grammar-Reading log due Mon., Biography outline due Tues. spelling pre-test due Mon.

Thurs. 10/5-Reading/Grammar- helping verb quiz on Friday, Spelling test on Friday wkst. pg 88, Thunder Rose Comprehension check tomorrow, Social Studies-Woodland quiz on Friday


Wed. 10/4-Reading/Grammar-Linking and action verb wkst.  helping verb quiz on Friday, Spelling test on Friday, Social Studies-Woodland quiz on Friday

Tues. 10/3-Reading/Grammar– 4 connection strips, helping verb quiz on Friday, Spelling test on Friday, Social Studies-Woodland quiz on Friday

Mon. 10/2-Reading/Grammar-vocab pg. 53, helping verb wkst., helping verb quiz on Friday, Social Studies– Woodland Quiz on Friday

Fri. 9/29-Reading/Grammar-Spelling pre-test due Monday- Reading Log due Mon.,  Helping verb quiz Friday, finish Ms. Cain Tall Tale

Thurs. 9/28-Reading/Grammar-pg. 51-cause and effect, Reading log due Mon. Spelling test tomorrow, helping verb list memorized by Oct. 6, Social Studies-Final wampum pattern due tomorrow.

Wed. 9/27-Reading/Grammar-make 1 connection in your reading, use colored strip, Helping verbs need to be memorized by next Friday,  Click here for music to practice list of words Social studies-colored note cards due tomorrow-see power point link from Tuesday,

Tues. 9/26-Reading/Grammar-Reading Log due Mon, spelling wkst. Writing-Add transition words to rough draft if you haven’t already, Social Studies-Notecards due Thursday  power point from class:  Click Here

Mon. 9/25-Reading/Grammar/Social Studies-Have quizzes signed-Writing-Rough draft for game directions due.

Fri. 9/22- Reading/Grammar-Reading log due Monday.  Social Studies– Woodland Vocabulary sheet due on Monday, Writing-Outline for Shuttlecock game due on Monday.

Thurs. 9/21Reading/Grammar-Reading log due next Monday with assigned reader, Social Studies-SW Quiz on Thursday, Religion-Memorare test on Friday

Wed. 9/20-Reading/Grammar-Reading log due next Monday with assigned reader, Social Studies-SW Quiz on Thursday, Religion-Memorare test on Friday

Tues.   9/19-Reading/Grammar-Reading log due next Monday with assigned reader,  Pg. 42 vocab for Red Kayak,  Social Studies-SW Quiz on Thursday, Religion-Memorare test on Friday

Mon. 9/18-Reading/Grammar-Reading log due next Monday with assigned reader, Social Studies-SW Quiz on Thursday, Religion-Memorare test on Friday

Thurs. 9/14- Reading/Grammar-Reading Log due Monday!  Spelling-Take Pretest and return signed.

Wed. 9/13-Reading/Grammar-work on reading log, Spelling-test tomorrow, Social Studies-notecard visuals due tomorrow, Religion-Memorare prayer test on 9/22

Tues. 9/12Reading/Grammar-noun wkst, and reader #1 due tomorrow, Spelling-bk. pg. 55 due tomorrow  Social Studies-visuals for 8 notecards due Thursday  Religion-Memorare prayer test on 9/22

Mon. 9/11-Reading/Grammar-Reader #1 for Reading log due Wed.,  Spelling-Test Thursday Social Studies: fill in the blank vocab cards due tomorrow


Fri. 9/8-Reading/Grammar-Log due Monday Morning!  Spelling: take Pre-test over the weekend, return with signature, Social Studies-Have open-note quiz signed

Thurs. 9/7-Reading/Grammar-noun picture page-3 for each type Spelling-test tomorrow Social Studies-finish website Discover sheet http://www.crowcanyon.org/EducationProducts/pueblo_history_kids/introduction.asp

Wed.  9/6Reading/Grammar-wkst. pg 43–4 types of sentences, Spelling-wkst. pg. 44, Forms:Return field trip forms if you haven’t already!

Tues. 9/5-Reading/Grammar-Reading log passed out, due next Monday  Spelling-List handed out, test Friday Social Studies-Fill in the blank vocab and map due tomorrow, use website:  http://www.crowcanyon.org/EducationProducts/pueblo_history_kids/introduction.asp

Fri. 9/1-No homework-Happy Labor Day!

Thurs. 8/31-Social Studies-open note quiz on Friday

Wed. 8/30-Reading/Grammar-4 types of sentences worksheet  social studies-open note quiz on Friday

Tues. 8/29-Social Studies-Open note quiz on Friday  Writing-continued to edit letters, make sure spelling is correct

Mon. 8/28-Writing/Science-2nd rough draft for science due with skipped lines.  We edited for content today and tomorrow we will continuing editing for spelling and punctuation.

Fri. 8/25-Writing- covers due Monday…see Thurs. for more info.

Thurs. 8/24-Writing-Cover writing notebook with pictures close to your heart.  Due Monday

Wed. 8/23-Reading/Grammar-Reading Brain needs to be finished; 5 Rex-finish name tag



















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