Updates from Inside the Classrooms

School is underway and everyone is adjusting to their new classroom norms and schedules!  There is a lot of learning, exploring and growing going on.  Check it out:

Kindergarten:  Kindergarten used the STREAM Maker Space to build “Shade Structures” with a team! The task: build a structure with the materials provided to make shade for a piece of chocolate. Goal: set outside in sun for 10 min without your chocolate melting. Everyone’s structure succeeded!!

7th Grade:  The 7th graders are exploring kinetic energy and went outside to test the theories and graph their results.

Preschool:  We’re grateful for partnerships with our friends from Bishop Miege High School.  Some of the high school students come over to help out in the preschool classrooms.  Our young students adore their new role models.

8th Grade:  The 8th graders are learning about the Bohr Model and used Skittles to practice!

Check back for updates along the way!

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